First 48 hours

I’m not quite exactly sure how the whole blog thing goes, mainly because I’m not sure what I should write or what people want to know, but given how many of my family and friends have expressed interest in my study abroad experience, I figured I would give it a go! That being said, I hope you enjoy this blog.

The first 48 hours have been pretty rough, between the five hour time change, the seven hour redeye flight (which I only slept for about 2 hours on, though I did watch the new G.I. Joe movie as well as Gangster Squad), and the minimal breakfast we got on the plane (a small croissant and 4 small bites of cantaloupe does not count as breakfast, maybe a morning snack), I was ready to just eat and sleep.

We landed about 10:00 AM and then proceeded to go through immigration, where I successfully got my passport stamped (which was pretty exciting to me since I’ve never gotten it stamped before, as neither Canada or Mexico stamp passports). From there we (some of the other Georgetown students, as well as some other visiting student heading to Trinity) caught a cab to our housing for the next three weeks.

From there, we checked into our housing (and these rooms are palaces compared to typical college housing! The set up is apartment style, with a shared kitchen, and then five single rooms off of that, each with a single bed, a large desk, and an individual bathroom), got our room keys and met with the Warden of Trinity Hall, who made an effort to assure us that we are not in a prison and the term “warden” is a much more intimidating title than it actually is. We will be in this housing for the three weeks of the semester start up program before we move to on campus housing for the duration of our time here.

Afterwards, a few of us went out to get something to eat for lunch, though we ended up getting brunch, as that was what was being served at the time. Having seen the menu’s for Irish breakfasts at a few places now, it seems most places have fairly similar meals, with the most typical meal being the Irish breakfast, which includes scrambled or fried eggs, toast, sausage, beans, half a tomato, bacon and white pudding. The breakfast was great, from there with food in our bellies we moved on to get some necessities, like having bedding to sleep on.

Afterwards we trekked back to campus, dropped our newly purchased goods in our rooms, and bussed over (and most of the buses are double decker buses) to Trinity campus to check it out. After doing so we ended up in a little pub called The Duke to have our first “proper” Irish Guinness. The Irish themselves have a saying that the quality of the Guinness is in proportion to how close you are to the Guinness factory, and given the Guinness factory is located in Dublin, this brew was top notch.

Not much occurred Sunday, other than getting more necessities and eventually heading out to the reception for visiting students, where we were greeted by our professors for the program, pizza, and wine.

The only two other things I think i’ve noticed thus far is that so far Dublin feels a lot like Seattle, very mild temperature, very cloudy and rainy, and most people are fairly casually dressed. I’ve also noticed how much walking we’ve been doing (definitely a fair amount, as we are about a 50 minute walk from the University for these three weeks before we move over there, and the bus is 2.15 euros each way), which I’ve been told is very European, so hopefully I will fit right in!

Tomorrow we head back to the college (as we will be doing daily now) for our introductory lecture, to get our student cards, and to tour the library. As it will be another long day tomorrow I’m off to bed!Image

Cheers from Ireland!


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