Howth and Hurling

My weekend wasn’t too intensive. On Saturday we took the lightrail, called the “Dart” out to Howth. Howth is only 15 kilometers, about 9 miles from Dublin. The lightrail ride from downtown Dublin to Howth was only about 25-30 minutes. Howth was a great little coastal town. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, it was a bit rainy and chilly, and considering one my friends had my backpack with my raincoat in it back in Dublin, I wasn’t exactly the most prepared. We didn’t do too much, we hiked around Howth right when we got off the train up until we had lunch. We were able to see some great sights, mainly the coastline and the second of Howth’s two lighthouses. Below is the second of the two lighthouses. And the photo below that is the trail we hiked on.Image


We had some good food there, I had the chowder, and it was great, as to be expected from a coastal town. We didn’t stick around too much longer because of the weather, so we soon found ourselves back on the Dart to Dublin. It wound up being a good little day trip.

On Sunday we watched the Hurling game, which like I said, has similar rules to Gaelic football, but instead of playing with their hands, players use a wooden stick to hit around a ball. We went to the same pub we watched the Gaelic football game at, but this time we got there a little earlier to get better seats. The game was great, county Cork was playing county Clare. Most of the game Cork was behind, but in the last minutes Cork came from behind and got the lead. It looked like they were going to win, until in the last seconds of the game, Clare scored again, leaving it a tie game. Then time expired. We all were waiting to see whether overtime was up next or a shootout was. As it turned out, neither were up next. The game ended in a draw. Instead of a shootout or overtime, the two teams will play again in three weeks, and do the entire 70 minute game all over again. This was incredibly interesting to all of us, as in any American sports the winner would be decided that day, whether it be in overtime or a shootout. Attached is a video of Hurling.

I forgot to mention, that earlier in the week we made it to the Old Trinity Library. The Old Library was not only used as inspiration as the Jedi Library in Star wars, it is where the Book of Kells is located. The Book of Kells is considered one of Ireland’s greatest treasures, though it turns out it may have been made in England. The Book of Kells is an illustrated gospel book from circa 800 A.D./C.E. The book is stunning, the amount of detail in it is simply unimaginable. The artists who made it must have spent weeks making the book, as each page could have easily taken days. After seeing the book of Kells you enter the main part of the Old Library (below), and it too is stunning. It is filled with rare books, busts of famous men, and also pieces of history, such as the harp attributed to Brian Boru. The harp may be more recognizable now as the logo of Guiness. This weekend we are heading to the West Coast of Ireland to visit Galway! Stay tuned for how that goes.Image


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