Freshers Week

Freshers week, as I mentioned in my last post, was going on last week and it was very busy. Freshers week, is the week before classes start, and it is essentially a week of meeting new people and joining clubs. Every club on campus is out tabling in the main quad all week, trying to get people to join. Unlike at Georgetown though, the people are a lot more talkative, and everyone really wants you to join their club. Another difference is that unlike at Georgetown, you can’t sign up for free, you have to pay to join most every club (a few of the volunteering clubs you could sign up for free), thus you need to be realistic about how many clubs you want to do, and not sign up for everything, otherwise you will end up paying for everything. Unfortunately, with how persuasive everyone was and how interesting every club sounded, I somehow managed to sign up for way too many clubs.

I joined a good mix of clubs: sports clubs, academic clubs and even some miscellaneous ones. All together I joined a running club, a ski club (which has a winter trip to the alps), crew, the archaeology society and even a food club (I joined more, but I won’t bore you with each one I joined). I don’t think I’ll have time for every club, but they should provide me with plenty of things to do for the year.

The main club activity I did during the week was going to a comedic debate put on by the Philosophical Society, which is a debating society on campus and is one of the most popular clubs. The debate was on whether or not “This house would get famous or die trying”. Each side had professional comedians on it, so the debate was hilarious.

Beyond joining clubs and going to club events, we also were engaged in some academic events. I had more meetings to register for classes, which hopefully is all sorted out now. Beyond that, my week was pretty average.

I know this isn’t the longest post, but I wanted to give my weekend in München it’s own post.


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