Journeys in Bavaria (Part 2/2)

Sooooo here is the second part to my Munich trip, I figured splitting the sections up would make it a more manageable read for everyone (Everyone implies a lot of people read the blog, but I’m pretty sure it’s just my family! Soooo, Hello family!)

On Monday, Katie and I went on a tour to Dachau Concentration camp. I decided it was best not to write about that experience for the blog because to me it trivializes the experience of those who lived through the horrors of that place. And in my opinion, whenever you are writing about the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people, it is best to err on the side that respects their experience, rather than trivializing it by making it some form of cheap tourism that is further condensed into a blog.

After going to Dachau Katie and I headed to the English Gardens and walked around there. Before we got to the park itself though we got to walk down the Ludwigstrasse and see the arc at the end of it. The English Garden is one of the largest public parks in the world. It is so big in fact that in it there is a stream designed to create a wave, allowing the residents of Munich to try surfing. Which they were doing! There were easily about 20 surfers. Also located in the park is a Chinese Pagoda restaurant, and miles of paths. It was a very relaxing and beautiful place. A picture is below. (I stole this photo from Katie, because at this point my phone wasn’t working)Image

We then proceeded to go get dinner, and this time we opted for the open aired restaurant in the middle of Munich’s farmers market (the farmer’s market is open every day except Sunday, which is so cool!), located just a short distance from the Marienplatz. And the fun in this, was this was the first restaurant that didn’t have English menus! Soooooo Katie had to rely on my German skills to figure out what to eat. Hahaha just kidding, my German food vocabulary is awful, so we definitely had to ask the waitress what we should get.

The next day we decided to go to the Pinakotheken, a series of 4 museums, though we only went to the Alte Pinakothek, ie the Museum that had mainly renaissance artwork. I was hoping to go to the Neue Pinakothek, which had works by Van Gogh and other more recent artists, but it was closed on Tuesdays, so it didn’t work out. Anywas, the Alte Pinakothek was still amazing. Not only did we get to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s first painting ever, we also got to see countless masterpieces by Durer, Rembrandt, Rubens, and many other renaissance masters. It was a very cultural day. A photo of the museum is below.


I then left a bit early to go get my souvenir shopping done, and then we headed out for the airport to get back home. And after four days of being in a hostel, it was grand getting back to my own bed in Dublin. Anyways that sums up the Munich trip! I also now realize how unbalanced these two posts are, mainly because this blogpost is sooooo much shorter. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll be able to write about France and Spain soon, the main thing right now is schoolwork and traveling.


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