Thanksgiving and some Sleepwalking

Again, this post is super late, school continues to occupy my time. Before I get to the blog though, the big news is that I will not be staying in Dublin next semester, but instead I will be returning to study at Georgetown. The main reason for this is academic, there are courses I need to get back and take at Georgetown, which comes from a possible major change. But I won’t get into all of that on the blog, it’s kinda boring.

So, all the Americans living in my building decided that we needed to celebrate Thanksgiving, and that we needed to celebrate it right. We’re talking Pumpkin Pie, Potatoes, Turkey (Except we did Chicken, so not a turkey), essentially all the usual characters. We began to plan this a full two weeks before thanksgiving. Is that a little aggressive? Perhaps, but we weren’t going to mess up this great American tradition.

Now, I may have over-extended myself a bit, because I signed up to do a potato casserole, shrimp cocktailes, a cranberry dip and the stuffing. The fact that I signed up for too many dishes became clear when I literally recruited everyone else to help me finish my food. But it all worked out in the end, except the potatoes, they turned out a bit off…but 3/4 isn’t bad right? The main thing we were happy about is that we didn’t set off the fire alarm in our building, and considering we took over the entire large kitchen, we were worried we might, and we did not want to be the Americans who smoked out the whole building because we were trying to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Here is a photo of me in my cat apron, the best souvenir I got from Paris. Haha. And yes, the cat is standing in front the Eiffel tower, holding a bagget, wearing a beret while wearing a striped t-shirt.


Here is a photo of the group all sitting down to eat.


Now, the group not only included all the Americans in our dorm, but also my two friends from Crew, Tom who is originally from London (So the United Kingdom), but who has lived in Dublin for quite a while now, and Dave, who is from outside of Edinburgh (So Scotland). They were quite excited to take part in our tradition, they helped make the food and everything. But, the thing that should be re-stated about Tom and Dave is that they are not American, which might not seem like a big deal, but it turned out to be quite the game changer. The reason? Apparently Thanksgiving is not only an American Tradition, but it may just be a ritual that to do well at requires being American. What I mean by this, is everyone was eating a lot. To be expected obviously, it is a crucial aspect of the holiday. And while the Americans (myself included) continued to eat and eat like it was our duty, Tom and Dave foolishly decided to keep pace with us. For Dave this turned out to be a worse decision than when Joey decided to put the Turkey on his head in Friends, or when Rachel put beef in the thanksgiving Trifle. The consequences Dave reaped didn’t become clear until we were all about to dig into the dessert, and that is when he proceeded to get out of his chair and lay down on the floor because he was so full. Amongst the many utterances that he made, the most common, and most telling was along the lines of, “How do you Americans eat this much?!? I Think I’m going to be ill!” It was quite the sight. Since none of us felt as bad as Dave, we all chalked it up to our 20 years of experience eating Thanksgiving meals in the states, and to this day, that is what I will attribute our conquest to. So the point of all this, is if you ever invite someone over to Thanksgiving who has never experienced one before, tell them to take it easy and pace themselves, it is a marathon after all, not a sprint. Below is a photo of on the floor Dave in his agony.


Now, I’m sure the real reason most of you clicked on the link was because of the sleepwalking mention. Normally I try and avoid telling people when I do really embarrassing things, but it is finals season for all my college friends, so hopefully this story can cheer anyone feeling overworked or overwhelmed up, it certainly brought a smile to all my friends over here.

For starters, I don’t normally sleepwalk, I’ve only ever slept walked once or twice before, and both times were when I was a very young child so I never thought much of it. That was until the night of Thanksgiving. My recollection starts with me coming to (and I say that quite loosely, as I was very much still in a sleep delirium) in the hallway outside of my room. I was standing there barefoot in just a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and wrapped in my blanket. Now, considering our doors automatically lock behind us, after about 15 seconds of standing totally bewildered in the hallway, I turned around and looked at my door (thinking maybe I propped it open or something), only to see that no, it was shut. Not only was it shut, but I knew I didn’t have my keycard to get back into my room. And that was when it set in. I was locked out of my room.

The fact I was in my blanket is still confusing to me. It’s like I was thinking I needed to go somewhere, and the only two explanations I have for this is that I either was going to get some water (which doesn’t make sense since I brought my glass with me), or that I for some reason thought that we were having a fire drill, and that I needed to exit (no idea why I thought this considering our alarm is very loud, and surely would have woken me). This is still the great mystery of my sleep-walking, why I decided to wrap myself in a blanket before exiting my room.

Next, I checked my watch and saw it was 6. Now, normally if you lock yourself out you go to accommodations and they will reprint you your keycard. But, accommodations is open from like 9-5 Monday through Friday. So, if accommodations is closed you have to go the main gate and go to the little security office right inside campus, and they will reprint your keycard if accommodations is closed. Now, I had never gone to the security office for my keycard, and like I said I was still in a sleep delirium, so I thought to myself, “It’s already 6 AM, I will just wait until 8 AM, and then go to accommodations, because what if the security office can’t print my keycard? I don’t want to be locked out of my building barefoot, that would be even worse!”

So logically (that’s meant to be ironic…) I decided I would go up to the second floor and sleep in the main kitchen, where only a few hours ago we had been eating and hanging out. I walked in and it was quite chilly, as the window was open, so I first went and shut that. After shutting the window I went and sat down in the chair, wrapped myself in my blanket, put my head on the kitchen table and tried to sleep. It wasn’t the most comfortable, so I thought about going to the small kitchen next door and sleeping on the floor there because nobody ever uses it, so I knew it wouldn’t be that dirty and also that I wouldn’t be disturbed. In the end I decided against this, so I just tried to sleep in the chair.

The next thing I know, I was startled by hearing someone walking in my building, and being in my pajamas and a blanket my first thought wasn’t “Yes somebody to help me!”, but was “OH NO!!! I hope they don’t walk in the kitchen and see me! That would be so embarrassing!” But of course, that person did walk into the kitchen. It ended up being Andrew, one of the Americans in our building. He looked at me surprisedly and just said, “Jeremy?” with a questioning tone. I responded, “Hey…” for I was quite embarrassed to have been spotted. He asked if anything was wrong, to which I explained that it was kind of embarrassing and that I had locked myself out of my room. I then distinctly remember looking at my watch, seeing it was 6:30, and asking Andrew if he was just getting back, because I was shocked he was coming in so late! I mean Dublin isn’t Spain, it’s not possible to be out until 6:30 AM, as everything closes by 2 or 3 AM. He responded that he was in fact just now getting back, to which I was utterly shocked and quite honestly impressed. Next Andrew asked if he could help, namely by offering me some shoes. I graciously accepted, because while I was prepared to sleep in the kitchen for another 90 minutes, I figured I would rather sleep in my own bed. I then borrowed a pair of Andrew’s moccasins and his jacket so as to keep myself warm. I double checked with him that the front arch was indeed where they could print my key (still not entirely sure how this was going to work out), to which he said yes.

So I began my walk to the front of campus, and considering I’m about halfway through campus, it wasn’t a 30 second trip, but it was at least a 3 or 4 minute journey. I was praying I wouldn’t walk past anyone, because I was still quite embarrassed. But sure enough, I didn’t pass one person, but I passed at least 7. I’m quite sure they gave me some weird looks, I’m not entirely sure, I tried to avoid eye contact.

Soon enough though I made it to the guard office where I could get another key, and I stepped inside. One of the two guards inside just said “You can’t protest!” Or at least that’s what I think he said, I’m really not entirely sure. I looked at him puzzled and simply said, “What???” He kept saying you can’t protest and I kept looking confused until eventually he said, “Aw you don’t have a sense of humor, I’m just kidding.” I still don’t know what the joke is, but I know that I was the one being made fun of. Anyways, he then printed off my keycard, and the other one said I was lucky, saying he once walked into one of the dorm buildings to find a girl sitting naked in the hallway, for she too was locked out of her room, but she couldn’t exactly do much about it. So hey, I guess things could have been worse, I could have been naked!

I then walked back to my room, passing at least 5 more people, again avoiding eye contact. When I got back to my building, I was just relieved to find that my key worked, for I got into the building but also my room with no problem. Why I thought the key wouldn’t work, I’m not sure, but hey, when you come out of a sleepwalking phase, intelligence/common sense isn’t really there, at least not for me. Now, I got back to my room and decided to check my phone, why? Again, no clue. But I looked at my phone and the time read 2:45 AM. I forgot to mention earlier that my watch is on Seattle time, that way if I need to coordinate skype times or calls I know what time it is back home. So when I saw 6, it wasn’t 6 AM in Dublin, it was actually 6 PM in Seattle. There never was an AM, I just assumed it was AM. Now I’ve never made this mistake while I was over here so I’m going to chalk this one up to my sleep delirium. But the point is, thank goodness Andrew came back at 2:30 AM, not 6:30 AM, and let me borrow some shoes and his coat to get another keycard, otherwise I most likely would have been asleep in the kitchen until 4 AM (which I would have presumed to be 8 AM), and then at this point I probably would have walked barefoot through campus to try and get a keycard at the accommodation office which wouldn’t have been open. So thank goodness Andrew was there, otherwise I would have either been wandering through campus barefoot or I would have been sleeping in the kitchen.

I woke up that morning to find Andrews moccasins and coat still in my room, as evidence of my journey earlier that day.

Anyways, that enough of an embarrassing story about myself for a while. I hope you all enjoy it! And for those of you who are curious, I now am sure to not only lock my door before I go to bed, but to also use the chain across it, it in order to try and check myself, so that way if I do sleep walk again (praying I don’t), that I will have more locks to get through, and hopefully that will make me come to my senses.

I’m hoping to catch up on my other trips this week, I’ll try my best, but since I’m not here next term I have some essays due that I initially wouldn’t have, so my time is now entirely devoted to research and writing.

Adios, hope y’all enjoyed what I willingly have dubbed ‘another classic Jeremy story’!


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