Some lists

First off, given how much work I’ve been doing this week for classes, and how much work I still have to do, in addition to enjoying my last few days in Ireland, this is going to be my last blogpost from overseas. I still plan on getting to my other trips, but that is going to have to wait until I am back in the States!

Anyways, given that my departure from Ireland is now only three days away, I thought it would be appropriate to put up some top ten lists. Try to not to take these too seriously, I certainly didn’t.

What I’m going to miss most about Europe and Ireland

10. Castles. The U.S. might think of itself as quite the hotbed of history, but considering I’ve seen over ten castles during my short stay in Europe, I’m just gonna give the win to Europe. I mean it wasn’t really even a contest…

9. New Currency. The Dollar may make you holler, but not me. Really, I’m just going to miss one and two euro coins, which are super useful.

8. Dublin’s Burrito obsession. You know how at Georgetown there are at least 10 different fro-yo spots walking distance from the front gate? Yea that’s Trinity College, except with Burrito bars.

7. Pubs. They say if you want a way to challenge yourself, try and navigate a route through Dublin without passing a pub. I’d pay good money to someone if they could do this, cause I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. There is nothing quite like going out to your local pub on a Friday and having a nice micro-brew though, and alas, as I’m still 20, it will be a while before I get to do this again.

6. Getting to speak different languages. I may not be the best in either German or Spanish, but I can still hold my own. And what I’m really going to miss is having people say stuff to me in a foreign language, like that night in Spain I was mistaken for someone else and this girl insisted to me that I’m a really good dancer. If you know me you’ll get why that’s funny. If you don’t know me, I am in fact a really good dancer.

5. The Euro look. Getting back to the states is gonna be an odd transition, going from Europe, a land of scarves and jumpers (otherwise known as a sweater) to the overwhelming pastel sea that is Georgetown will be a shock. One that I’m not looking forward to.

4. Accents. Getting to wake up and go to class with people from Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and Poland is something I’m going to miss namely because I think accents are pretty cool. I’ve even been told over here that I have a cool accent.

3. Traveling. I’m fairly confident that I slept in hostels as many nights as I slept in my own room in Dublin. While I certainly won’t miss my now numerous near death experiences with Ryanair, I will certainly miss traveling. There really is nothing quite like hoping off the airplane in a completely new country in a city you’ve only dreamed about going to.

2. Irish/Scottish/English slang. It’s been good craic being over here, and picking up on some slang over here has been quite fun. And when I say pick up slang, I mean having to pick it up to avoid being made fun of. The amount of times I’ve been corrected for saying sweater as opposed to jumper or pants as opposed to trousers is unreal.

1. Guinness. The Irish say that the quality of the Guinness is directly related to how far away from the factory you are. And I completely agree. If you haven’t had a Guinness in Dublin, you haven’t had Guinness, it’s that simple.

What I’m most looking forward to in the States

10. Not having to top up my phone. Being on a minute plan has been pretty weird. I mean, there are times where I look at my phone, see I have a message and then go to my computer to respond via Facebook to that person because I don’t want to use my limited number of minutes. It will be nice not having to top up monthly anymore.

9. Not having to knock on a small gate to get back on campus. I mean, the walls are cool and all, but sometimes when I just got back from a weekend trip and it’s midnight it would be nice to just walk onto campus instead of trying to find the one open entrance.

8. Wisey’s. A staple of my Georgetown diet is Wisey’s, a nearby sandwich shop. If I don’t frequent it at least once a week it’s because I’m not in DC. Pretty sure during finals I consumed an unholy number of sandwiches from there, and I’m ok with that.

7. Exchange rates. Foreign currency may be pretty to look at, but the whole exchange thing has made me do more math then I’ve done in the past three years. Getting back to a place where 20 dollars is really 20 dollars will be cool. Oh and it’s also cool cause any of the cities I’ll be in, DC, Spokane or Seattle, are all cheaper than Dublin.

6. Driving. Really excited to go do some cookies one night in the Albertson’s parking lot near my house.

5. Paying for healthcare. Everyone knows free things aren’t good. And this whole free healthcare nonsense over here is absolutely wild, if I don’t get to pay for something it clearly isn’t worth having.

4. Accents. As sad as I am to leave European accents, I’m so excited to get back to American accents, cause they will truly make it feel like home. As my good friend once said, “We Americans slur our words, and we are damn proud of it.”

3. Preservatives. Why have fresh food when I can get food that will last me for a month? I mean, I am on a budget here Ireland, I can’t exactly afford to buy food that I later have to throw out cause it went bad in two days…

2. Wifi. The fact that I’ve been using an ethernet cord almost exclusively while in Dublin is definitely a throwback, and not one that I’ve particularly enjoyed.

1. ‘Murrica, Need I say more?

In all seriousness though, what I’m most excited about coming home to, and what I’m most sad about leaving are the people. I know I’m coming home to an amazing group of family and friends and for that I’m incredibly thankful. But I’m also really sad about having to leave all my friends that I’ve made over here. Goodbyes are hard, ya know? Especially when one fairly expensive flight across a giant ocean separates you from people.

To anyone reading this back in the states, I’m sure I will be seeing most of you soon!


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